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Self Care: My Favorite Skincare Products

Self care is all the rage lately. Lighting candles, doing face masks, journaling, and napping seem to be the most trendy forms of self care lately. While some forms of self care are a bit trendier than others, some are simply a necessity that we have to carve out time for.

I consider my skin routine a self care experience. Since I can remember, I've struggled with acne. I tried everything growing up - from Pro Activ, to skin peels at the dermatologist, and even letting myself get sunburned each season to burn over my pores (yikes... but, yes, guilty as charged).

None of my tricks worked. At 24, I still struggle with adult acne, oily skin, and breakouts. But, I've been fortunate enough to find products that help me manage my acne and skincare.

Disclosure -- these products are what work for me and my skin type. I'm no expert, no dermatologist, and no one is sponsoring me for creating this post. I just wanted to share my love for the products I've found that allow me to feel confident make-up free!

For the first few products, we need to talk about Mojo Spa. I stumbled upon this wonderful little place a few years ago after my sister moved to Chicago. We walked in after admiring the beautifully decorated storefront and what we found inside didn't disappoint. The spa makes more than 200 items, all handmade and cruelty free! My favorite thing about the brand is that you can actually read the ingredients on the back of the label, no scary chemicals here!

Face Wash: Go Green Healing Facial Soap, Mojo

This soap has soothing ingredients like chamomile and calendula oil that help keep my skin in balance. Other natural ingredients like carrot seed and rosewood oil compliment my other skincare products and keep my face refreshed.

Detox Scrub

Exfoliator: Go Green Nourishing Facial Scrub, Ultimate Detox Face & Body Scrub, Mojo

I alternate between these two scrubs depending on the condition of my skin. The Go Green scrub keeps my skin feeling super refreshed - I swear my skin is practically glowing by the time I rinse the scrub off. Whenever I'm feeling a breakout coming on, or I had a long day where my skin just feels gross, I go to my charcoal-based Ultimate Detox scrub.

Moisturizer: Skin Food Ultra Rich Cream, Weleda

A friend of mine used this cream and always has glowing skin. I found some on sale at Target and figured it was worth a shot. Just as the name says, Skin Food is truly an ultra rich cream. It's super thick and full of nutrients for your skin. It's a plant-based formula that smells and feels great. Whenever I get any patches of dry skin, Weleda clears it right up.

Serum: Go Green Healing Facial Serum, Mojo Spa

The serum is made from jojoba and palmarosa oil. For my skin, it doubles as a serum and a moisturizer. I use it at night and wake up a wonderful even skin tone masking my natural redness. I felt super weird using an oil-based serum at first, but now I absolutely love it! It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed and doesn't leave any oily residue on my skin.

Toner: Peach Witch Hazel, Thayer's

Witch Hazel is my go-to quick fix for skincare. Right after washing my face, after working out, after showering - I always wipe off with some witch hazel. I love Thayer's witch hazel, but sometimes think the smell of regular witch hazel is a bit too... much... for my liking. The peach witch hazel brings a great scent to already amazing formula.

Primer: Color Correcting Superprimer Face Primer, Clinique

I have lots of natural redness and natural oils to my skin. I've struggled to find a primer that dealt with both issues, until I tried Clinique! The primer makes my face feel matte and keeps my make-up in tact throughout the day. The color correcting feature allows me to go make-up free, too, and use my primer as a basic foundation to mask my redness.

Face Masks: I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet, Tony Moly

For my skin, face masks have more of a short-term effect. I use them before big events, days where I know I'll be taking photos, or if my skin is in a particularly rough spot. I love sheet masks... I'm not a fan of having to peel or wash a mask off. The Tony Moly line of masks works wonders for my skin. My go-to is the red wine mask sheet, which shrinks my pores and gives me more even skin the next day. I've also had luck with the avocado sheet for nutrition and the rice sheet for clear skin.


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