• Erin Zaranec

My Year in Books

Happy 2019! I know that cliches say we're only supposed to be looking forward instead of back in the past, but now that I've had some time to breathe I wanted to revisit the 101 books I read this year.

At the start of 2018, I figured I could read 100 books and I beat my goal by one! This year, I'm going to create a reading goal based on pages read, but haven't yet decided on a final goal. I always want reading to be an escape and to be something I enjoy - the last thing I want is for picking up a book to feel like a chore.

I checked out My Year In Books on Goodreads, which I use to track all of my reading and find books that align with my interests.

The site created a really cute and easy-to-read graphic that showcased my year in books! It was awesome to see that I read more than 30,000 pages this year!

Want to see the titles behind these stats? Check out my 2018 Bookshelf posts for my summaries and thoughts on all 101 reads.

The shortest book was actually the last one I read... it felt like a bit of a cheat to read a 23 page book as my final read of the year! My longest read, The Signature of All Things, was so good and has inspired me to read more of Elizabeth Gilbert's works. I just picked up Big Magic and plan to make it one of my first few reads of the year.

The one thing I do hate about Goodreads is that you can't rate in half stars! I wasn't surprised that my average rating was so close to a four star review, but I do feel like it would be lower if I could have thrown some half stars in.

Do you use any other tools to track your reading? I'd love any more suggestions as I work on crafting my 2019 reading goal!


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