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Local Bookshop Tours: The Bookshop in Lakewood

Updated: Mar 4

Family owned and operated, The Bookshop in Lakewood is a cozy, comfortable, and charming bookstore in Lakewood, Ohio.

Operated by Becky and Collin Brown, the store carries everything from first printed editions and collectables to children's books and new publications. The couple opened their first storefront in 2014 after Collin's book collection began to overtake their home - literally.

After building a personal library on their home's third floor, the couple was relaxing one evening when they noticed a dip in their ceiling. Collin's books, it seemed, were breaking down the house. The solution? Open a bookstore.

After years of experience in big-box bookstores, the couple's dreams came to a reality... and luckily before their ceiling came crashing down.

The first location in Lakewood opened with stock full of Collin's original book collection. Two locations later, the couple has 2,000 square feet of books stacked as high as the eye can see.

Shoppers can roam through bookshelves while getting some visits from Hobbes, the family's cat who comes to the store from time to time.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, The Bookshop in Lakewood is operating on a reservation-only basis. For a $25 booking fee, shoppers can reserve the store for themselves and three friends - masks required! The booking fee even covers the first $25 of your purchase, too.

Local shoppers purchasing more than $20 of books have access to delivery throughout Lakewood and if the store doesn't have a book in stock, you can support the store through its online affiliate.

For more information or assistance finding a specific title, contact the bookstore online.

The bookshop is located at 15230 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107.

Local bookshop tours will cover Cleveland+ bookshops.

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