• Erin Zaranec

2018 reads: Books 36-40

I heard all of the hype about Ng's writing after Little Fires Everywhere became a hit . I started reading Everything I Never Told You while waiting for Little Fires to come off a wait list.

You can't really compare the books - while Ng's writing is beautiful in both and her storytelling skills remain impeccable, they're just too different to compare.

Parts of this book may seem mundane or slow, but I enjoyed all of the details about the family and characters.

So... in the spirit of honesty - I did kind of skim through some of this book. I found it interesting and did like that it switched from essay to essay - but without really knowing much about Parker I didn't feel too connected to the stories.

She is a great writer and put together a great collection of essays about men in her life.

I loved this book! I wasn't previously a thriller fan, but Castillo knows what she's doing in the genre.

The novel follows a detective who is sent into a reclusive Amish settlement after unexplained crimes plague the community. Kate not only assimilates herself into the community, but discovers some sources of evil that lie within it.

I was eagerly flipping the page and couldn't wait to find out what happened next. The plot had me on my toes and I honestly couldn't have predicted how the book ended.

Jenny Lawson is awesome. I love that she is so, so honest about her struggles with mental illness and how her illnesses have impacted her life.

It's a memoir that's funny, relatable, and made me feel more normal than I have before. If you've struggled with any type of mental illness, pop your medications and get cozy with this book. You'll be teary-eyed from laughing and confused as to why you aren't best friends with Lawson already.

This book was a random read for me, but a great unexpected addition to my bookshelf! The Age of Miracles focuses on The Slowing - a phenomenon where the days begin to get longer and longer.

While there wasn't much of a plot other than The Slowing and how it impacts the community, it was an interesting read about a topic I wouldn't typically get into.

I liked that the book didn't get too much into the sci-fi realm, because that's where I typically lose interest, but still covered a topic that I haven't read about in a plot line before.


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