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2018 reads: Books 21-25

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

This book wasn't exactly what I thought it would be, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. I think that Rowe's writing really saved the book for me, She was sincere, funny, and heartwarming.

The book encompassed spiritual-based anxiety and fears, but Rowe was honest through and through. Sin Bravely made for a quick read and a memoir like I haven't read before.

The Burning Girl, again, wasn't bad but wasn't great for me either. Again, it came down to the writing - which clearly Messud is good at.

The story is a coming-of-age tale between two girls who have a friendship that simply fizzles out. Messud tells the story behind that. Some of the writing is a bit long winded, but I'm one who appreciates detail so that didn't bother me too much.

The story was definitely relatable for girls who have experienced a friendship that faded as time goes on.

This batch of books god a lot better with this read! From Here to Eternity took me around the world - from big cities to villages, from festivals celebrating life to family's mourning the end of it.

Doughty is clearly an expert in her field, but writes in verbiage that is easy to understand. I can't wait to read her other book. The book is informative without being morbid, it's shedding light on a dark topic, and opens your eyes to how big the world really is.

So, I'm not typically a big thriller person. I feel like a thriller has to be top-notch for me to enjoy, or I end up disappointed.

This book did not disappoint. I loved Right Behind You! Gardner is clearly top notch in her field. The characters have such complex relationships and there's always something that makes you want to turn the page.

I buzzed through this book because I just wanted to know what happened! Gardner is on my watch list for 2019 reads after this one.

Katy Tur is SUCH good storyteller. As a journalist, she has a great eye for details, for developing characters, and for keeping the reader engaged.

I loved finding out some of the backstories behind the headlines I read throughout the political race of 2016. Tur felt like a friend by the end of the book... she could write a million more books and I'd read them all.


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