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Cleveland young pro loving life on the lake and laughing through my days. 

Freelance writer. Random dancer. Black coffee drinker. Flea market enthusiast. 


When I was younger, I'd sit with my library books and make up voices for all of the characters. I escaped into the world of books and felt as if the characters were created just for me. I wrote plenty of short stories and, at the ripe age of 10, even had my hand at writing my own book. While my aspirations of becoming an author didn't make it out of my childhood bedroom, my love of reading and has stayed with me into adulthood. ​

My love of reading supported my love of writing - which has taken me everywhere from Africa to newsrooms and locally owned businesses on the pursuit of telling a good story. 

Lover of: reading, writing, storytelling, people watching, Sangria, skee ball, Beyoncé, french fries, dad jokes and a good pun. 

Can't get enough of the blog (or me?!) - follow my blog's Instagram at @RatherbeReadingCle! For more of my work, visit my Find my Freelance Work page. 

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